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Our Speakers

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Sharon Jessop is a wife, mother, wildlife warrior, passionate rhino conservationist, ultra-endurance athlete, adventurer, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and storyteller obsessed with beautiful places, wild spaces, and the gorgeous South African people.

Erin Lothes, Ph.D., an acclaimed theologian and author, specializes in faith-based environmentalism, divestment, and energy ethics. As the senior manager of the Laudato Si Animators Program, she collaborates with various environmental coalitions and is a sought-after speaker on Pope Francis's teachings and environmental issues.

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An entrepreneur and environmental advocate, has covered an astonishing 30,000 miles paddleboarding, documenting over 2,000 interactions with dolphins and whales, featured by National Geographic and more. Through his non-profit, Project O, Rich leads the Blue City Network, guiding cities toward regenerative practices, and amplifies his impact through the Our Epic Ocean podcast, fostering collaboration for a world in harmony with the natural environment.

Jennie Edwards is a photographer and videographer who teaches people how to show up confidently and vulnerably in front of the camera. In her best-selling book "Empowered You", Jennie helps readers activate their Best Self to live their most fulfilled life.
Jennie gets her heart pumping while chasing her 2 little girls, ages 4 and 8. She earns her nickname “Joyful Jennie” while juggling the 3-ring circus of parenting, entrepreneurship, and inspiring people to change the world.

Internationally known professor, businessman, executive
coach, consultant, and author who specializes in
implementation of High-Performance Management
organizational/individual excellence, and effective
executive leadership.

Distinguished Professor of Management & Leadership
at USD/Keller Graduate School of Management &


Sierra, a 5th-grade student at Madison Elementary School, delivered her inaugural TED talk on the Magnolia stage in 2023 and is an avid participant in club water polo, showcasing her skills at the Junior Olympics. Born in Redwood City, CA, and having lived in various places, Sierra's passion for nature led her to advocate for environmental protection through activities like walking, cycling, and promoting recycling. She is on a mission to create a school club dedicated to nurturing and replanting native trees in designated locations.

Driven by a family legacy and passion for innovation, graduated from the University of Southern California and pursued multiple master's programs, becoming a licensed electrical and mechanical engineer, PMP, LEED accredited professional, and more. Through teaching, including TEDx Talks on Buildings of the Future, David is committed to advancing society and fostering sustainability with his groundbreaking ideas and leadership in the engineering community.


An Emmy-nominated filmmaker from the Oglala Lakota Nation, leads WSD Productions and serves as President of Warrior Society Development, LLC. With extensive experience in various fields, including acting, professional football, and advocacy, Jim is dedicated to addressing Native American disability challenges through his work with the University of South Dakota School of Medicine Disability Center and various organizations.

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Daniel, an early advocate for sustainability finance, headed the Financial Engineering division of Vestas Wind in China, later venturing into entertainment with Oracle Projects International. Co-founding Hidden Worlds Entertainment, he merges impactful experiences with entertainment, partnering with organizations like the United Nations and industry leaders to inspire positive change.

Daniel Hettwer

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